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Product Description: This stunning Bromeliad plant with bright red pot will enhance any room and excite any recipient. It always creates a point of interest and discussion and can be enjoyed and adored for months as a mother plant and for years with its many little offspring! This makes a Bromeliad a superb value for money purchase. Plant Care Bromeliads are an interesting and attractive plant adapted to withstand drought. They are much less tolerant of being over-watered which can cause the roots to rot. It is important that your Bromeliad is planted in a medium that allows the plant fast drainage. Each time you water the plant, soak it thoroughly so that the water runs from the drainage holes in the bottom of the pot. This will remove any salt build up in the compost. Do not water the Bromeliad plant again until the top two inches of soil are dry, if you water to often the plant could develop root rot. Bromeliads have a built in tank for the water to collect, where the leaves meet the central stem. You will see that there is water in these little cups. The plant likes a humid atmosphere and will like these cups to be flushed out regularly to keep the water fresh. Water the plant if possible with fresh rainwater, but do not use a metal container to gather the water in or water the plant with, as the plant is sensitive to metallic deposits or traces in the water. Enjoy collecting these Bromeliad plants, there are many different colours and varieties to collect. They are also prolific in reproducing new young plants around the base of the plant. These can be carefully removed and potted on to make new plants.

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