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Product Description: The Phalaenopsis Orchid is one of the most beautiful and elegant gifts you can buy for any occasion. Available in many colours. It is also one of the easiest to care for flowering plants you can buy. If you have just bought or received beautiful orchids as a gift then here are some tips on how to care for them. Firstly and most importantly do not think you have to be some sort of expert! Your Phalaenopsis Orchid plant does not need any special requirements or greenhouse to survive. It is quite happy to be in an ordinary home. The Phalaenopsis Orchid does not like to be in a sunny position, so not in a window, which gets any full sun. It does however does like a light position, so a well-lit place in any room will do. They also like to be cooler at night than they are in the daytime, so this fits in well with everyday living. Ideally a minimum temperature of 18 degrees at night, up to a maximum of 29 degrees in the day are perfect, but not essential. You can tell a happy Phalaenopsis Orchid by the colour of the leaves that should stay a nice mid to dark green in colour and be firm to the touch. Watering your Phalaenopsis Orchid could not be easier. Simply run tepid water gently into the pot and over the roots for around 30 seconds and stand in the sink to drain. Once the plant has drained put back it back into the pot and watch the flowers flourish. Repeat this around twice a week. Your Phalaenopsis Orchid plant does not like being stood in water, as this will rot its roots. In its natural surroundings it survives off moisture drawn from the air around and a little rain- water. To feed your Phalaenopsis Orchid, use some plant food that you can buy from a garden centre for Orchid plants. If you cannot buy Orchid plant food, normal plant food will do the job but dilute it to half the normal recommended strength of any other houseplant, as they only like a weak feed. Feed them around every 2 weeks in the summer and only once a month in the winter. When your Phalaenopsis Orchid flowers have faded and dropped off trim the flower stem back to around 2 inches from the base and wait for the next flower stems to grow. You can have years of pleasure from your Phalaenopsis plant and collect many colours and varieties. POT NOT INCLUDED

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