Cancellation Policy

The customer has the right to cancel an order for wine, Champagne, and other non-perishable goods within 7 days after placing the order without giving a reason.

All perishable Next Day delivery goods may be cancelled up until 12PM on the date prior to delivery.

The cancellation period in the case of contracts for the supply of goods begins with the day on which the order contract is concluded. The cancellation period ends on the expiry of 7 working days. This begins on the day that the recipient receives the non-perishable goods.

The consumer can be asked to return the goods and will not be charged for returning them.

Where the customer exercises their right to cancel, we will return their money to their account within 30 days of cancellation. In some cases this with be the date receive the returned goods. trades in line with the new European Directive on distance selling which is incorporated into UK law by The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000.

Orders for Same Day UK delivery may be amended or cancelled up to 24 hours before the intended delivery date. Orders placed for Next Day delivery and for an International delivery may be amended or cancelled up to 48 hours prior to the intended delivery date.

To amend or cancel your order, please contact the Customer Service Team. Our offices are open from 8.30am until 5:30pm Monday to Friday 8.30am to 2.30pm on Saturday. Please see details below.

Call us on: 0370 863 1202
Email us on

Statutory Rights are fully committed to providing you with the best possible floral and gift delivery service. If you are not satisfied in anyway with the service that you have received please let us know via our customer services department and your complaint will be investigated.

If we are satisfied that your complaint is genuine, a suitable replacement or refund may be given. This does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

Delivery Questions

What time will the flowers or gift be delivered?

Our local florist drivers and special delivery service will normally deliver during business hours - 9am until 5pm. If there is a specific delivery requirement (i.e. delivery to a school before 3pm) please detail this on the special delivery section of the order, and we will do our up most to try to accommodate your request.

However, during busy periods and florist half-day closing, these delivery times may differ slightly, and we reserve the right to deliver up until 8pm in exceptional occasions.

What if the recipient is not available to accept the delivery?

As the flowers that you send may be a surprise, it is inevitable that in some cases the recipient may not be available to accept their flowers at the address you have provided.

If this is the case, our flower delivery driver will endeavor to try one of the following alternatives: • Firstly, the florist delivery driver may leave your flower delivery either with a neighbour or in a safe place at the address, if this is possible. • If this is not possible, the florist delivery driver shall try to deliver the flowers to the address later in the day, or return to the florist with the delivery. • If it has not been possible to deliver the flowers, the florist's driver will leave a calling card to advise the recipient of the action taken, the whereabouts of the flowers and/or the shop's contact name and telephone number. When contacted by the recipient, our florist delivery driver will arrange re-delivery for the same day if possible, next day or an agreed day (of the recipient's choosing).

Is it possible to specify a delivery time for flowers or gifts?

With the obvious exception of funeral ceremonies, we are unable to guarantee delivery time preferences due to the demands placed upon our flower delivery drivers.

Please detail any preferences on the special delivery section of the order, and we will do our up most to try to accommodate for your request. Please remember that this is a preference, and we cannot guarantee or be committed to any specific delivery time.

Is it possible to find out if my order has been delivered?

Yes, although as we deliver until 5pm and in exceptional circumstances until 8pm, it is best to wait until after 3pm on the date of delivery before enquiring. Local florist drivers should be making their final rounds by this time.

If the delivery has not been made by this time, we should be able to confirm the status of delivery. If this is the case, your flowers will typically be awaiting delivery or re-delivery (having already tried to deliver your flowers or gift).

Alternatively, if you have sent a gift such as Champagne, wines or a hamper, we can trace the status of your order via our specialist delivery company at any time.

Will I receive confirmation that my order has been delivered?

No, unfortunately we are unable to send an email to confirm that delivery has been made. However, if you wish to call our flower delivery order hotline on 0845 832 4011 our team will be more than happy to help and check the status of your order.

Is it possible to amend details of my order?

The best method to ensure that your amendments are carried out immediately is to contact our order hotline quoting your order reference number, followed by your desired amendments.

Can you guarantee the flower delivery time of funeral flowers?

Yes, when you place an order online or via our order hotline, you are able to specify the required flower delivery time. While placing your order, you will be given an option for 'Funeral Flowers' which allows you to specify the time of the funeral and name of the deceased.

If the flowers are to be delivered to a funeral director or chapel of rest, please provide as much detail as possible. As all our florists have local knowledge, you can be assured that they will take every care to ensure that your flowers are delivered in a timely manner.

It is important to ensure that you provide a contact telephone number for the intended delivery address, and for yourself should there be any difficulties with your order.

By selecting the 'Funeral Flowers', option we will adhere to your specified funeral time and instructions. Please note that any errors in delivery details may delay the delivery of your order, so please ensure that all details are accurate

How are orders delivered?

As a specialist floral gifting company, we are able to deliver flowers either via Flowers by Florists network of local florists or via our specialist flower delivery courier service. Alcoholic gifts are dispatched from our central gifting centre in Carnforth, as are certain specialist ranges of bouquets.

If you would like further information regarding these services, please contact our customer services department on 0370 863 1202

Frequently Asked Questions

Order process help

What is a CVN (Card Verification Number)?

This is security code on your card that is needed to authorise your transaction. This number is normally is the last three digits on the reverse of your card, although on American Express card this is 4 numbers printed above the first 4 digits of the long card number. This can vary so please contact your bank if you have problems finding the CVN.

I get the following message when placing my order - Your payment details cannot be verified?

If you receive the above message when entering your card details please ensure that you check the following: • You have entered the correct card type (eg Mastercard, Visa, Switch) • You have entered the card number correctly (the card number is the longest number shown on the card) • You have used the correct cardholders name • You have entered the expiry and valid from dates correctly If you experience problems with entering your payment details please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Services team.

Switch Cards and Issue Numbers - When using a Switch card please enter the long payment number (the longest number displayed in the centre of the card, not the smaller account number at the base of the card.)

An issue number is only required for a Switch card. If your Switch card has no issue number, like some Royal Bank of Scotland cards, then leave this field blank.

Recipient & billing details

Recipient details are the details of the person/people you would like to receive your gifts and the details are the details where the payment method is registered, this is generally where the card statements are sent to.

Same day gifts

Unfortunately same day gifts like chocolates, balloons, teddy bears are not available on their own they are finishing touches for our ranges of same day flowers.

Recipients phone number

We require this information as some times it is necessary to contact the recipient to complete the delivery. Where possible we try not to spoil the surprise.

Why do I Need to Login? • Make Your Checkout Process Easier • When you login and register with our site for the first time you can create your account information page which details your contact and delivery information. • Once entered, your details will be stored in your account and you will not have to re enter them again when you make your next order. • You can track your order status and order history. • You can access you account information at any time and edit any of your account details.

Why do I Need a Password?

When you create a password it allows you to access your account information. Once entered, your contact and delivery details will be stored and you will not have to re enter them again when you make your next order. You can also track your order status and order history.

Your password is unique to your email address and ensures that your account details remain secure. You can access you account information at any time to edit any of your account details.

Each time you return to this site, remember to sign in using your email and password.

Why do I need to enter My Email Address?

We use your email address as our means of identifying you. This is the address your registration will be stored against

How to Redeem Your Gift Certificate

• Go to our website. • Select the items you wish to purchase and add them to your basket. • Go through the checkout process until you get to the final order summary page. • Click on the 'Gift Certificate' link and copy the gift certificate claim code exactly as shown on your emailed Gift Certificate. • Click 'continue'. This will apply the gift certificate. • If the value of your order is higher than the value of the gift certificate, you will need to pay the difference using a credit/debit card. • If the value of your order is lower than the value of the gift certificate, the balance will be added to your account, and you can use it on future visits. If you forget to click on the 'Gift Certificate' link, cancel your order and start again. Once your order has been submitted and paid for by means other than a certificate, you are unable to retrospectively use your gift certificate to offset that cost.

Terms and Conditions for Gift Certificates

You must agree to the following terms and conditions before purchasing a Gift Certificate: • Gift certificates may only be redeemed at our website towards the purchase of products listed in our online catalogue. • You cannot use a gift certificate to purchase another gift certificate. • The gift certificate has a cash redemption value of 0.001p and is not transferable or assignable. • Gift Certificates cannot be cancelled by the purchaser of the gift certificate once they have been redeemed in part or in full. • If the order exceeds the amount of the gift certificate, the balance must be paid by credit or debit card. • The gift certificate must be redeemed before the expiry date that appears on the certificate. Gift certificates and unused portions of gift certificates expire one year from the date of issue. Once the certificate has expired we are unable to extend the expiry date. • Our normal terms and conditions apply to all purchases except where they conflict with these terms and conditions. • If you cancel an order for any item you have purchased by redeeming your gift certificate, your account will be credited with the amount redeemed. If you redeemed your gift certificate in part payment of any item, your account will be credited with the amount redeemed • We will have the right to close customer accounts and request alternative forms of payment if a fraudulently obtained gift certificate is either redeemed through our web site or is redeemed and used to make purchases on our site.

How to Shop


Cards that are Accepted


We accept most major credit/debit cards.

Using a Promotion Code

If you have a promotional voucher/coupon which entitles you to discount off your order, you can enter this on the order summary page which is the final page before you place your order.

Click on the 'Redeem a Promotion Voucher' button on this page and enter the code. Any discount that is applicable will then be applied to your order and show as a discount.

Please check the conditions of your voucher if it does not appear to work on your order as some have special conditions.

What is a Security Code?

The security code (or CVV2 number) on your credit/debit card is a security measure we require for all transactions. Since a CVV2 number is listed on your card, but is not stored anywhere else, the only way to know the correct CVV2 number is to physically have possession of the card itself.

How to find your CVV2 number: Most credit/debit cards have a three digit CVV2 number on the back of the card, after the card number in the signature strip. The CVV2 number is four digits on American Express cards, where it appears on the front of the card at the top right. IF YOU CANNOT READ YOUR CVV2 NUMBER, YOU WILL HAVE TO CONTACT THE CARD ISSUER.

Ordering Questions

Can I add a personal message with flowers or gifts?

Yes, you are able to provide a personal message to accompany your flowers or gifts. This is part of the check out procedure and may be added either online or given when calling our flower delivery hotline.

As the message will be will be on a message card, it is important to ensure that you limit the message to a maximum of 255 characters.

Can you deliver flowers internationally, and what is the typical cost?

Yes, as a global flower delivery company we are able to deliver flowers to over 120 countries.

Flower delivery to Mainland Europe is typically charged at £7 with other parts of the world including USA and Australia charged at different rates, depending on season and currency exchange rates.

To ensure that your order is processed successfully, and you are aware of the current rates, please call our international flower delivery order hotline on 0370 863 1202 and a member of our team will be more than happy to assist you.

What happens if I forget my password?

You can request a password reminder by entering your email address on this page.

Can I order flowers which aren't shown online?

Yes, you can order a customised bouquet or specific flowers by calling our florist delivery order hotline on 0370 863 1202.

I was unable to complete my order on the website, what should I do?

Due to the nature of the Internet, conditions outside of our control may affect the use of our website, typical examples of this include, Internet security software such certain firewalls, cookie barriers, and company network restrictions.

It is important to contact us if you have experienced any issues, as we can either complete your order over the phone, or talk you through the use of our web site. To contact us, please call 0370 863 1202

Can I order flowers to be delivered a week or more in the future?

Yes, you can order in advance for every day of the year apart from Sundays and UK public holidays.

Can I order flowers online to be delivered outside the UK?

No, due to the nature of international flower delivery, we would recommend that you call our international flower delivery order hotline on 0370 863 1202. This way, a member of staff will be more than happy to assist you with your international flower and gift order.

If I order flowers today, can I still have same day flower delivery?

If you complete your order before our 2:30pm same-day cut-off time and your order consists entirely of 'same-day' gifts, we will be able to send your flowers and gifts on the same day (Monday-Friday).

If any delivery problems are encountered during the allocation of your order, we will contact you as soon as possible. For this reason, it is important that you provide us with your full contact details when placing your order.

Can I send flowers anonymously?

Yes, you can send a message without your name on. We do however ask for your contact details for our records and to ensure that we can reach you if there is a problem or query with your order.

What is the cost of sending flowers from overseas to the UK?

All flowers and gifts displayed on our website are quoted in pounds sterling. If you use a non-UK credit card, your card provider will convert this from pound sterling and charge your credit card in your native currency at the daily rate at the time of your purchase.

If you wish to contact our order hotline from overseas, please call +44 370 863 1202

How do I enter a voucher or offer code?

You can enter your voucher or offer code on the basket page, prior to clicking on the "continue to checkout" button.

You can also quote your code when calling our order hotline to receive your discount.


Orders • In order for us to deliver your requested gifts on the date specified, we require complete, accurate details of the recipient, including a recognizable recipient name, address details, postcode and contact telephone number(s) • Your order will only be processed if full payment details are given. We accept payment by all major credit and debit cards, including Amex and Diners Club. • If you are experiencing any problems processing your order / credit or debit card, please call our Help Line on 0845 832 4011 or from outside the UK +44370 863 1202 • Once we receive your order we will automatically send you an email confirming your order details. This e-mail shall be directed to the email address you supplied us upon registration / order placement. • You will be issued an order reference number for any future correspondence. • Orders for alcohol products cannot be accepted from customers or be delivered to any recipient under the age of 18 years. • By clicking the 'Proceed' button on the order form, you are consenting to be bound by our Terms and Conditions. • Product & Delivery are the two main elements of your order. Should we fail to complete either of these elements, we are at liberty to reimburse or compensate for the failed element. Such recompense would be based upon a decision by • There are no deliveries carried out on a Sunday (Mothers Day only exception) or on a Bank Holiday. Orders that are received on these days will be processed on the next available working day. • Incorrect details provided may lead to problems or delays, so before placing your order, please ensure that you have included the full correct address details, including accurate postcode of the intended recipient and your day time contact telephone number or mobile number and your e-mail address. • discount voucher codes can only be used against purchases made from the website. • Discount voucher codes must be entered at the point of placing your order on website within the discount box provided on the checkout page. • Discount codes entitles you to a percentage discount of the product item value, the discount does not be apply to the delivery charge. • Voucher codes cannot be exchanged for a cash alternative • We cannot be held responsible for non-availability of the website which may prevent use of Voucher codes. • All orders including Wine and Champagne may only be placed for delivery within Mainland UK. • Under the Licensing Act of 1964 (UK) and 1976 (Scotland) it is an offence for any person under 18 years to buy, or attempt to buy, alcoholic liquor. It is an offence under Sections 32 and 33 of the Intoxicating Liquor Act 1988 (Ireland) for any person under 18 to buy, or attempt to buy, intoxicating liquor. It is an offence under Licensing (Northern Ireland) Order 1990 for any person under 18 to buy, or attempt to buy, intoxicating liquor. • Changes to these terms and conditions may from time to time be made, the latest terms and conditions will be displayed on the website.


1. A service charge of £5.99 will be added to your online order for floral deliveries.

2. Customers who request delivery in a remote rural area will be advised prior to any delivery taking place of any additional delivery charges.

3. A total delivery charge of £6.99 shall be implemented on all International Deliveries. Call our hotline on +44370 863 1202 to enquire or place any order for International delivery. We can arrange delivery to over 150 countries.

4. Same Day Delivery to recipients on mainland UK is normally possible on flower orders received by no later than 2.30 pm (GMT).

5. Next Day Delivery which includes: Postal Flowers Range, Next Day Gifts available for Next Day Delivery (Tues-Fri) when an order is received by 4.30pm on the previous day of delivery.

6. All International Deliveries (external to the UK) may take up to 3 working days to deliver. Please note that if we experience problems with your international order, it may take up to 3 working days before you are notified of this.

7. Flower deliveries will not normally be made on a Sunday (Mothers Day only exception) or on UK public holidays. Please contact our hotline 0370 863 1202 or +44370 863 1202 if you require a special delivery at these times to see whether it is possible for us to arrange this delivery request.

8. The AM or PM preference is just that - a preference. We Do Not guarantee any delivery times, unless the order is for a funeral, in which case these orders will be delivered in good time before the funeral, (normally 1-2hrs before). We will always try to adhere to your requested preference wherever possible.

9. We deliver all non-funeral orders between 8am and 8pm. We do however; endeavor to deliver before 4pm, especially in the case of birthdays and anniversaries. School and business address opening hours are also taken into consideration by our delivering service.

10. Whilst we agree to use all reasonable endeavors to ensure that delivery will be on the requested delivery date you acknowledge that actual delivery will be via a local Flowers by Florist Member or third party special delivery service. In very occasional circumstances delivery on the requested terms will not be possible. In such circumstances you will be given prior notice wherever possible and we shall make alternative arrangements to ensure delivery is achieved.

11. Delivery to certain locations where a third party recipient is involved, such as hospitals, airports, hotels and ships, the signature of any person authorised to accept delivery on behalf of the organisation shall be accepted as proof of delivery to your chosen recipient.

12. In respect of orders outside the UK, Channel Islands and the Republic of Ireland, delivery shall be made as soon as is reasonably practicable but you acknowledge that delivery on the intended delivery date, particularly in respect of orders received for same day delivery or for Sundays and Public Holidays, these cannot be guaranteed.

13. It is possible to select a preferred delivery time within the order process for items selected for a funeral ceremony. This option should be used only for orders requesting delivery to the funeral or to a funeral parlour. Whilst every effort will be made to ensure your order is delivered in good time prior to the time selected, no guarantee for delivery by the time specified can be given. To assist us in meeting your preference, please ensure your order is placed at least one working day prior to the preferred delivery time and that all delivery details have been confirmed as current and accurate.

14. In the instance of there being difficulties in delivering your order to the intended recipient we (including the florist or third party delivering your order) reserve the right to contact the recipient using the contact details you provide on the order form. If the recipient's telephone number has not been registered as Ex-directory, we may be required to trace the recipient's telephone number in order to achieve a satisfactory delivery.

Payment Questions

My credit card payment failed, what should I do?

If you receive an error saying that your credit card payment was not successful, no money was taken from your credit or debit card or account, although your details will be stored securely on our system.

Please make sure that you have enough money on your credit card or bank account, and then try again. Alternatively, try an alternate card.

For further help or information, contact our customer services team on 0370 863 1202

My order was cancelled, but I have a charge on my credit card?

During the purchase process, we send an authorisation request to your credit card issuer to check that sufficient funds are available. This is often shown as a booking or reservation on your credit card statement. It is not an actual charge. If the purchase subsequently fails, we cancel your transaction and remove this reservation.

However, it has come to our attention that some credit card issuers may not immediately show the transaction as removed, even if it has been. We assure you that funds were not withdrawn from your credit card and we have reversed the authorisation request.

If you have any doubts or require additional details, please check with your credit card issuer and financial institution to further verify this. This process depends on the nature of your banks integration with credit card companies. As a guideline it may take up to 2 weeks to clear these transactions from your statement, but typically the time period is much shorter.

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